Videos for those providing or promoting Novel Technologies​​​

NB: Links to your video could be passed on via hyperlinks within a wide range of social media, or QR codes added to any paperwork, leaflets, billboards or televised information.  

  • More people seeing and understanding your work.
  • Wider impact of your achievements as more people are able to capitalise on them.
  • Higher prestige for you and your team.
  • Greater visibility to potential collaborators or sponsors.

​Videos for those seeking to publicise their achievements​ and maximise their impact​ 

Our professionally made videos can communicate your achievements to the widest possible audience in a form they can easily understand and remember. The ease with which video can explain even difficult concepts is particularly vital within Scientific and Medical Research where overlaps between different disciplines often overcome the technical, logistical and economic barriers to new therapies and medicines. 

Key to the uptake of any new technology is gaining the attention of potential clients and their full appreciation of all the possible benefits in one fell swoop, before they are lured by alternatives. Video is by far the most efficient and effective means of explaining new concepts, so why not contact Mutual Awareness Ltd to get one custom made for you? 

  • Deeper and more rapid appreciation of unique selling points.
  • ​More likely to get commitment rather than just curiosity.
  • ​Faster appreciation of value by non-experts, (including those holding the purse strings).
  • An important document that you will repeatedly direct clients towards or use in discussion.
  • Science or Healthcare Education.
  • Creating information for Patients and Support groups, or absorbing their feedback.
  • ​Raising public awareness of resources available and how to take best advantage of them.
  • Raising funds for charities.

Successful communication between medical or scientific experts and the general public can be extremely rewarding for all concerned. We can create videos to support any of the following:-  

Videos for communicating with the General Public

Client Benefits:-

Client Benefits:-