• Greater returns for the effort already invested in the wet work and the creation of the poster.​
  • Poster 'lives on' well after the conference and has a global audience.

Videos for those involved in Method Transfer, Training or Troubleshooting

  • Deeper understanding of reports and proposals, prompting more valuable responses.
  • Speedier appreciation and execution of fresh ideas. 
  • Faster awareness of new teams / resources and what they offer.
  • Gratitude and recognition from colleagues for simplifying communication.

Videos for those communicating within networks or large organisations

Video has long been the tool of choice to eliminate ambiguity from method transfer. Text docs are fine for listing the components, tools and steps, but only video can show exactly how they should be performed. Videos are also ideal for re-enforcement therapy after training, especially if there's lead time before trainees actually try out what they have been taught. 

Client Benefits:-

Videos for those extending the value of planned or existing Posters

The majority of people viewing posters at a conference appreciate being walked through them by an author. For those who have neither the time to spare or the relevant expertise, this is essential! Consequently the value of many posters will collapse once the conference is over. Mutual Awareness Ltd can adjust the files used to create them and add in the appropriate voice overs to create a video that walks people through your work. Interview or technical footage can be added too.

Client Benefits:-

The scale and complexity alone of reports and proposals made using ‘traditional’ documents can often be a barrier to readership, never mind comprehension, especially when reaching across disciplines. Videos to support or even replace such material will go a long way to overcoming these barriers.  We can create videos for you using stills, animations and voice-overs, as well as technical or interview footage. The same tools can be used to explain the capabilities of new teams. 


Client Benefits:-

  • Less ambiguity over how method steps are performed, tighter alignment to best practice.
  • Less chance of 'method drift'.
  • Ideal reference document for trouble shooting, especially between teams in different locations.
  • Lays the ground before training and re-enforces it after.