​​is dedicated to creating videos for Scientific Research and Health Organisations in the UK.  Videos play a very special role in communications within and between such institutions, for the following excellent reasons:- 

​Why choose us?

Mutual Awareness Ltd  (Company No. 8819753, VAT No. 197 5680 50) ​

  • High quality product but also best value for money.
  • Experience of creating screenplay for a scientific environment. 
  • Full range of equipment and software.
  • ​Flexible working hours.
  • Determination that material produced will have maximum impact.

  • The combination of audio and visual information simplifies the understanding of concepts, facts and ideas, and improves their retention.
  • The high speed with which videos convey knowledge allows time for inclusion of the 'soft' information that can bring the hard facts to life. e.g. the reasoning behind the work or ideas, variations that have or have not been tried, and plans for the future.
  • They can enhance communication between experts but also support the flow of information to and from the general public.
  • Viewable at almost any location on mobile as well as stationary devices.
  • Easy to place on the internet and simple to distribute via hyperlinks.
  • Appearing within a video is great opportunity to demonstrate commitment, passion and belief.

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