Frequently asked questions

.​Q1 - Why should I choose Mutual Awareness Ltd?
A –Three main reasons:-

  • Experience of a wide range of scientific disciplines. This is critical in working with clients to construct screenplay, (script, stills, cutaways and animations that integrate with any live footage). Creation of screenplay is often the rate determining step for production of videos in Science and Healthcare.
  • ​The ability to create high quality animations built from 3D modelling programs that are customised to fit your exact needs.  


  • Exceptional value for money and high quality products. Generous financial support enables us to chase marginal rather than maximum profit.

Q2 – Will Mutual Awareness Ltd create videos for any institution?
A – Yes, provided the video is designed to support a Scientific, Healthcare or Educational initiative.

Q3 - In what format can the videos be provided?

A - Just about any that you could wish for.  AVI files created using a variety of codecs can be provided on portable drives. In addition we can create and upload various versions to a range of websites for you.

Q4 - Can you assist with the presentation of the video on the web?

A - Yes, we can offer plenty of advice on where to host the video beyond your own website.

Q5 – Is Mutual Awareness Ltd registered for VAT?
A – Yes, our VAT number = 197 5680 50

Q6 - Is Mutual Awareness Ltd insured?
A – Yes, Mutual Awareness Ltd carries Professional Indemnity insurance of £250,000 and Public and Product insurance for up to £1,000,000.